Launching Alice Poli

Launching Alice Poli

Earlier this year, in March 2022, we launched the new website for Alice Poli. We really love this website with its energy and vibrant colours.

Alice Poli is a very talented photographer and mixed media artist based in Western Australia. She is specialised in family, maternity, newborn photography and her mission is to capture and connect reality with people’s inner soul. Her website reflects her artistic flair and stands as a beautiful portfolio of her creative work.

This extract from the website homepage truly represents her beautiful soul:

Each story is unique and special,
so is mine and yours.
Photographs are documents of presence,
certificates of life.

I believe I am here to share
my calling with the world:
capturing real and raw memories
through photography and
delivering a unique piece of art.

I feel so lucky and honoured
that visual art has found me,
my job is sacred.
I love to inspire people’s lives
enriching their life’s memories.

Enjoy and browse through Alice Poli‘s creations – we wish her every success!

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