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“I just want a simple website” – We love this! As if we wanted it to be complicated… HAHAHA! What if you went to the car dealer and asked for a “simple car”… or if you wanted a “simple financial plan”… or a “simple house renovation”…

We need to understand that sometimes things can’t be so simple and a website is one of them. As we always tell our clients, a website is a complex system, not only a matter of texts, colours and images on the web. It’s not a Word doc that you place somewhere online… it needs to be working properly with all its functionalities, perform well from a SEO perspective, be the best place to represent your brand, your business, yourself!

“I need a beautiful logo” – How about that! Such a basic request and… who doesn’t? We agree, graphic beauty is essential and we always do our best to make sure our clients are happy with their branding and the graphic designs we curate for them! Rest assured, nobody needs a “crap logo” but you do see so many out there, don’t you? HAHAHA!

Please remember to trust professionals when it comes to a new logo or a rebranding for your business. We know what we are doing and we are here to help. Also, don’t forget that your clients will associate your logo to your products and services so… it better looks nice and also be a good one!

“What’s data analytics?” – Great question! Not many people know and in particular many business owners don’t even have the time to understand what it is and means. And we get it!

We’ll keep it simple for you: Data Analytics consists in the consistent analysis of data to understand trends and interpret patterns. Which basically means understand where your business is heading and how it’s going! Yes, it is complicated but you don’t need to worry at all… HAHAHA! Thanks to our top-quality Data Analytics Reports, we will help you build your data foundation, applying advanced analytics and insights, improving your business performance and exploring innovation opportunities.

“Why does my website need maintenance?” – Fair question because so many don’t know and so many digital agencies don’t offer this kind of service! But it is a reality…

We always tell our clients that a website is “a living thing”, not just something you build, publish online and simply forget about… It needs care and attention, just like any “living being”. Security is the most important part to consider as without maintaining and updating your website consistently it might be hacked and break and give you and us so many headaches! You have no idea!! HAHAHA! And we have clients who can testify on this 100%. So if you need a hand, make sure to speak to a professional (= us!!) and remember to take care of your website.

“I want it to be classy but cheap” – Have you ever said this? Or heard it? As service providers we do hear this all the time and whilst it is kind of funny it also shows how the perception of work is very different for each individual.

We like to remember the very famous Venn diagram “good-fast-cheap” often found on the web which basically says that one can offer 3 kinds of services as follows:
– GOOD & CHEAP (but won’t be fast)
– FAST & GOOD (but won’t be cheap)
– CHEAP & FAST (but won’t be good)

Have you ever had to deal with this dilemma? Because it is… a dilemma! HAHAHA!

“My friend’s cousin did my website” – Our answer: “that’s great! Is he a professional web designer and developer? Where does he work?” “not really, he just likes to play around with computers”… OK! Can you please make him stop?? HAHAHA!!
We’ve heard this so many times!! Would you go to a doctor who “likes to play around with bones”? Would you hire someone as a chef for your restaurant who “likes to play around with food”? Would you go to a hairdresser who “likes to play around with hair”?

Remember, you need professionals to take care of your website – after all, it is your brand online so make sure you look good on the web to attract more clients for your business. Or at least, this is our advice!

“I don’t have a lot of money at the moment” – And yes, we know, we get it. If you had a lot of money you probably wouldn’t be looking for marketing services to make sure you can promote and sell more of your products/services! HAHAHA! And this is also something we regularly think ourselves, don’t worry…

When it comes to making a decision and investing your money in your brand, your online presence, and your customers it’s all a matter of perception. You obviously need to believe in the services you are after and you need to trust the process. Finding people who are not true professionals and will only want to pull money out of your pockets is sooo easy – they are everywhere! So please make an informed decision and be sure to know what you are looking for. Be sure to ask questions about how a professional will take care of your needs. Make sure you understand their answer and also do your homework and your research before making a choice.

Money comes and goes, but trust doesn’t. So choose wisely. And trust the process.
We are definitely here to help!

“Social media management is a walk in the park” – Have you ever said this? Or heard it? Or maybe just thought it? We’ve been there so many times… Very few people really understand what it means to take care of their social media accounts. And it’s totally understandable.

We think social media management is a lot of work. Yes, A LOT! HAHAHA! If done properly, it can be very time-consuming and you need to think about many different aspects of it: design, content, tags, hashtags, community engagement, consistency, originality, style, purpose, target audience, etc. It’s not only a matter of knowing what other people do and posting now and then. It’s building your credibility and your online presence, it’s being coherent and building leads, it’s creating your own personal style… so don’t say that it’s sooo easy and just a walk in the park, because honestly, it isn’t! HAHAHA!

“Remember, we are friends!” – Do you ever say this or hear this when it comes to agreeing on the price for a product or service? If you have, then we are not the only ones! HAHAHA!

Did you know this is quite a common way to ask for a discount? We understand where people asking are coming from – and they have every right to ask – however, sometimes it can be very disappointing to receive this kind of request because it can be interpreted as coming from someone who doesn’t really recognise your work or the value of your products/services. So our advice is feel free to ask, but also understand if not everyone is able to apply a discount to what they are offering for many different reasons. And yes, we can still be friends!

“I need some very quick changes” – If you are a designer or developer we are sure you’ve heard this a few times in your career! It’s such a common request… HAHAHA!

We love it when our clients feel involved with our work and are able to define the time required for a job but… unfortunately something that may look very quick to you is not quick at all for us! Imagine asking for a “very quick change” in a recipe once it’s done… you would probably need to start over! Happy Chef… HAHAHA! So let’s stop assuming requests can be quick and take little time. Time is precious for all of us. And whatever time it will take rest assured we will do our best to make sure the job is done to perfection and as a bonus, hopefully quickly. But remember, quality wins over quantity and time!

“I’m not a tech person so don’t bother explaining” – Do you ever think, say or hear this when it comes to buying a product or service? If you have, hear us out!

You are definitely not alone. Not everyone is tech-savvy or simply enjoys technology – we know a lot of people who actually hate it! HAHAHA! But still, if you find yourself with someone who is ready to explain little things to you or willing to offer their advice and provide you with tips and tricks, try and listen! You might learn something new or you may become more interested in the subject, who knows? So our advice is to ask your questions and try to understand what you are up against. And yes, we are always here to help!

“My friends say we need more purple” – We are sure you’ve heard or said this, with maybe a different colour in mind, and not necessarily related to the digital world only!

Remember, whatever project you are working on or you hire someone to do the job for you, this is going to be YOUR project! We hear this so many times and we understand you look for advice and suggestions from your dear ones, however, please stick to YOUR plan. Very often people will just chip in because it’s easy for them but they might not have the full picture in mind like you and we do, together. So our advice is to seek advice, but also follow professional suggestions and make your call… Yes, a bit on your own… HAHAHA!

“Can we change the font?” – We are sure you’ve heard or said this, from your clients or for your business or personal needs!
Remember, a change that may look simple and easy to apply to a newly created design sometimes may involve A LOT of extra hours of work! Everything is possible in the digital world but also, time-consuming and sometimes difficult to apply. We’ve heard this a lot so now, whenever possible, we tend to submit a couple of different options of a specific design to our clients so they can really notice the difference between one version and the other. Fonts can be so tricky sometimes! You need to consider how they are spaced out, if they are fit for the purpose of that specific design, if they blend in with all other elements, if the alignment is right and also the messaging is properly rendered… so much going on behind the scenes! Trust the process, trust the experts and remember, we are always here to help!


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