A bit of Italy & Nice

A bit of Italy & Nice

Sharing a few words from Giulia, our Founder and MD:

Here are some pics from my trip to Italy in April. I left Australia with my family on the 1st of April, after catching COVID and finally testing negative right before the flight (so lucky!).

In Italy we really enjoyed time with family and friends (catching up after more than 3 years away!) but also traveled through the country by car spending 2/3 nights here and there to visit some beautiful cities all around – it was a great Giro d’Italia!!

Our tour started in Rome, we then headed to Pisa, Bologna, Padua, Verona, Turin, and ended up on the French Riviera in Nice for a final stop, before returning to the Italian central coast and lake of Bracciano. We loved it and hope to be able to go back soon – enough of border closures and for those of you living far from your families, I’m sure you share the same feelings.

Hope you enjoy some nice pics from the various cities and as always, feel free to get in touch for your Digital needs!
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